A front row seat to the G20

DOES anyone else feel like they are sitting through the trailers anticipating the start of an epic action flick?

I sincerely hope the G20 leaders’ summit this weekend is boring and uneventful from a security point of view but the lead up to this event sure has shaken up the norm for the great south-east.

Security fences, no fly zones, operations centre, military style check points, security details, road closures – for most of us, our familiarity with those words or concepts stems primarily from Hollywood.


According to news.com.au, Brisbane will be crawling with 6000 police and 900 soldiers in a $150 million security operation – and that isn’t even including the security teams each country will send with their leaders.

It also isn’t including the media – the hundreds, if not thousands of reporters and news crews who will descend upon Brisbane, hunting down the epic or the action in the story that is the G20.

It will almost be a disappointment if we don’t get the inside scoop on a foiled terrorist plot or witness exclusive footage of a showdown of some variety.

Except that now, this story is being played out on our doorstep and the reality of ‘epic’ and ‘action’ is weighing in on me.

Already, the Gold Coast is seeing its fair share of G20 action.

RAAF defence pilots are cruising their fighter jets over the glitter strip as they familiarise themselves with the general airspace.

Sanctuary Cove is getting in on the security makeover with chain link security fences surround the Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove Resort where a large portion of the Saudi Arabian delegation is reported to be staying.

It’s not all serious and potentially sinister though and some of the story is playing out in a language that the Gold Coast understands well.

Gold Coast workers who commute to Brisbane to work in the city will get a long weekend thanks to a one-off public holiday this Friday for the G20.

Brisbanites themselves are planning to escape the madness and inconveniences of the Summit and the Gold Coast is a natural choice for a good percentage of them. Of course, we welcome a bonus weekend of domestic tourism dollars in this traditionally quiet period.

We Gold Coasters are certainly primed with a front row seat to all that will unfold over the next week. I for one hope the story is anti-climatic.

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