A Gold Coast winner could be amongst 10 unclaimed lotto tickets

The Lott is calling for Queenslanders to check their old lottery tickets for potential division one wins.

There are currently 10 unclaimed division one and major lottery prizes across Queensland worth around $7.4 million.

Lottery officials have been unable to contact the winners too, with all the unclaimed tickets not registered to a player card or an online account.


They have, however, released a list of where all the tickets were purchased, in the hopes of tracking down some lucky winners in time for an end-of-financial-year BONUS!

Of the ten tickets, ONE was purchased here on the Gold Coast. It’s worth a whopping $671,513.12, and was purchased at Golden Lucky News in Helensvale.

Game Draw no Win date* Selling outlet Outlet suburb State Division 1 prize
Saturday Gold Lotto 3539 20-Jun-15 Nextra Morayfield Village Morayfield Qld $1,000,000.00
Monday Gold Lotto 3618 19-Dec-16 Cotton Tree News Maroochydore Qld $1,000,000.00
Saturday Gold Lotto 3699 31-Dec-16 Lutwyche News & Gifts Lutwyche Qld $1,347,826.09
Saturday Gold Lotto 3787 4-Nov-17 Nextra Capalaba Park News Capalaba Qld $369,059.13
Saturday Gold Lotto 3867 11-Aug-18 Golden Lucky News Helensvale Qld $671,513.12
Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot 1st Prize 1249 15-Mar-19 Nextra Wynnum Plaza Wynnum West Qld $200,000.00
Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot 1st Prize 10280 1-Apr-19 NewsExtra Springwood Mall Springwood Qld $100,000.00
Saturday Gold Lotto 3961 6-Jul-19 Gatton Plaza Newsagency Gatton Qld $774,838.34
Saturday Gold Lotto 3967 27-Jul-19 News Worx Victoria Point Qld $1,000,000.00
Monday & Wednesday Gold Lotto 4085 9-Apr-21 news extra Mossman Mossman Qld $1,000,000.00

*Editor’s note: this is the draw date, not the entry purchase date.  Entries could have been purchased up to 10 weeks in advance of a draw.

The Lott spokesperson Lauren Cooney says the winners have seven years to claim their division one prizes.

“The oldest division one winning entry we have unclaimed in Queensland is a Saturday Gold Lotto prize worth $1 million from a draw in June 2015,” she explained.

“This ticket was purchased at Nextra Morayfield Village in Morayfield and we haven’t heard a peep from this winner in six years. They have just one more year to claim their prize.

“More recently, we have an unclaimed $1 million Monday and Wednesday Gold Lotto prize from just last week.

“This division one winning entry was purchased at news extra Mossman in far north Queensland and we are certainly hoping to speak to this person soon.”

Ms Cooney is urging Queensland lottery players to keep their eyes peeled for any old tickets around the home, car or office.

“From old shopping bags and fridge doors, to car gloveboxes and sock drawers, Aussies certainly have a history of storing winning lottery tickets in weird and wonderful places,” she said.

“We’ve had past division one winners come forward months and even years after the draw after finding an old ticket in the back of a drawer, in the central console of their car, and at the bottom of their handbag.

“With more than $7.8 million waiting to be united with their rightful winners, it’s worth checking any old lottery tickets you might come across! You can check your tickets at any licenced lottery outlet, online at thelott.com or via The Lott app.”

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