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A huge rhino reminder to stay safe around trams

Did you know an empty G:link tram weighs 60 tonnes?  That’s the equivalent weight of approximately 40 rhinos.


Thankfully we don’t see those roaming our streets but to coincide with Rail Safety Week taking place Monday 15 to Sunday 21 August G:link has released a series of videos.

The videos feature rhinos riding skateboards to remind pedestrians and motorists to follow road rules and to ‘check their backs before crossing the tracks’, and passengers to hold on at all times, as you never know!

The top things you need to remember when interacting with the G:Link –

Passengers should:

  • Hold on or sit down at all times while on board the tram.

Pedestrians should:

  • Always cross the tracks at designated pedestrian crossings when a green walk symbol is displayed.
  • Always use pedestrian paths, never walk along the tracks.

Motorists should:

  • Only perform U-turns at signalised intersections with the U-turn permitted sign.
  • Keep the tracks clear. This includes when queuing across an intersection.
  • Only drive over the tracks where directed to do so (e.g. at intersections). Tracks are for trams.
  • Look over your shoulder before crossing the tracks. Trams may be approaching from behind.

For more information on tram safety and the Beware the Rhino safety campaign visit

Rail Safety Week

Rail Safety Week is an Australasian rail industry initiative that sees organisations across Australia and New Zealand come together to promote rail safety messages for one week every year.

Now in its tenth year Rail Safety Week 2016 will be held 15 – 21 August 2016.

Rail Safety Week 2016