“A massive win for locals” Gold Coast eyesore to be demolished

An abandoned building situated on one of the Gold Coast’s busiest roads is finally set to be demolished following years of complaints from frustrated locals.

The site, which was once the Chaopraya Thai Restaurant at the corner of Frederick St and the Gold Coast Highway in Surfers Paradise, will be torn today after local councillor Darren Taylor personally took to contacting all owners of derelict sites around the suburb.

“Today is a massive win for the local community and Surfers Paradise as a whole,” Cr Taylor said.


“Demolishing this building will bring an end to a number of the issues residents have been facing in surrounding streets”.

Cr Taylor said that most of the time, owners of abandoned buildings are not aware of how run-down and dangerous their sites have become.

“In situations where landowners are not local, they may not be aware of the extent of the issues associated with their properties if they become derelict,” he said.

“When I contact them, they are shocked to hear the issues arising from the property and are very willing to work to rectify any issues”.

It comes following years of desperate calls from the community, who are fed up with squatters and teens running rampant at the building.

“There is a genuine safety concern within the local area,” Cr Taylor said.

“Local residents have been contacting me with complaints of intimidating groups of teens roaming the streets, trying to access building basements and people are scared to walk down the streets of their own neighbourhoods”.

While inspecting the site with council officers, Cr Taylor was also confronted by a group of teens that quickly grew from three to fifteen kids.

“The groups were calling it ‘their house’ and very quickly became aggressive, demanding I leave the site,” he said.

“I contacted police who attended and did what they could in the situation.”

The demolition of the now infamous Thai restaurant will begin at 6.30am this morning.

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Yay, it’s about bloody time. If these kids didn’t treat an abandoned place so badly it wouldn’t be so bad. Shame on the owner/s anyway.

Job well done Cr Taylor. What this doesn’t say is how many of the building’s are owned by people who don’t reside in the area and what about property management?

When self entitled kids become aggressive ;and start forming an aggressive group when really they would not have the guts to do it alone, I would applaud the police if they tazered them,

Owner of this building owes us $7700 for work we did there 2 years ago and he hasn’t paid us

Unleash the cops, let them give these teen thugs a good kick in the a***.

I found another eyesore today, in Upton St, just past Petbarn, going north.