A modern-day Bermuda Triangle

It’s still hard to believe that flight MH370, bound for China in March last year and carrying many Australian passengers, has been officially missing for almost a year and a half.

Many times, supposed evidence has repeatedly turned up or been found, and then been debunked. The pilots’ lives have been overturned, scrutinised for answers. Everyone has a theory – but no one can say with any kind of certainty what actually happened to that aircraft.

It still beggars belief. I mean, how can an aircraft just disappear? It’s literally a modern-day Bermuda Triangle.


Last Friday, with the discovery of plane debris on Reunion Island off the coast of Madagascar, we may finally get some of the answers to one of the greatest disappearing acts of our time.

Barnacles encrusted on a piece of plane debris, a 2.5m wing surface, will be analysed, with investigators in France expected to determine whether the piece came from MH370 any day now.

For those who have lost family members, the last 18 months must have been unimaginable. It’s been a long struggle, searching for closure, for answers for that last chance to say goodbye. I can’t imagine how they feel.

Sometimes I find myself wondering, were I in their horrific position… would I really want to know?

Of course they want answers – but at the same time, the discovery of the genuine remains of MH370 will see all dwindling hope extinguished once and for all. It’s a devastating outcome, either way.

I’m the kind of person who likes to make up stories. I like to write, I love to read. I like to find new, different or weird ways to look at the world. As a result, some part of me is attached to the idea of an alternate ending – a Castaway-style narrative in which the survivors of the plane crash battle the elements and survive, only to find their way home years later.

I wouldn’t want to give up that fantasy. I wouldn’t necessarily believe it, but I wouldn’t want to completely disbelieve it either. So whatever the outcome of this new wreckage ‘find’, I can only imagine how tough these moments are for the families to cope with.

Ultimately, the discovery of what could be the wreckage of the MH370 may mean that this heartbreaking mystery is on its way to being solved.

Whatever that means for those left behind, at the very least, they will finally get some answers and some semblance of closure.

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