A new era of tourism marketing dawns on the Gold Coast

DID you know the Gold Coast featured in a big marketing promotion over the past couple of weeks?

Over the recent long weekend, the QT Hotel hosted the ProBlogger Training Event. It brought together 550 of Australia’s leading bloggers and online entrepreneurs for a two day conference.

In what I’m calling a smart move, Tourism and Events Queensland partnered with the event. Key note speakers were gifted with some Gold Coast experiences to share with their followers, and attendees were encouraged to post photos of the Gold Coast on social media using #thisisqueensland to go into the running for some great prizes.


If you don’t know much about bloggers, this might not seem like a big deal so let me lay it all out for you.

•    550 bloggers.
•    Each are active users of between 1 and 5 different social media accounts.
•    Each account boasting between 100 and 10,000+ followers.
•    Each blog featuring between 10 and 10,000 page views per day plus hundreds if not thousands of loyal subscribers who get content straight in their inbox.

As you can imagine, the ripple effect of that kind of influence quickly adds up.

The name Pat Flynn may not ring a bell but this American entrepreneur has one of the most popular blogs in the world called Smart Passive Income. He has more than 95,000 Twitter followers, 75,000 newsletter subscribers and according to his website, he earned $83,903.53 in the last month alone.

This guy is a big deal in the online world.

Just this week, Flynn published a post about his trip to the Gold Coast for the ProBlogger event.

In a very candid, authentic and (thankfully) positive article, he described the effort involved in bringing his young family over on the plane, shared about their visit to Dreamworld, Currumbin Sanctuary and day trip to Lady Elliot Island and posted photos of a gorgeous sunny day from his hotel room.

The post received 103 comments and Flynn personally responded to many of them, referring to the Gold Coast as ‘amazing’ and ‘such a kid-friendly area’.

Not a bad plug for our hometown huh?

Is this personalised approach that targets niche online communities going to be the new marketing angle for promoting our city? If so, I like it. Imagine how much bigger the ripple effect will be for the Commonwealth Games in a couple of years? It is great to see you thinking outside the box and keeping up with the times, Tourism and Events Queensland. Keep up the good work.

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