A new live storytelling event and Gold Coast first

On October 18, local wordsmiths will weave their tales in amongst a soundscape of live sound designed by songwriter and musician, Fletcher Babb, in Stories in the Key of GC at HOTA, Home of the Arts.

As a strong participant in HOTA’s Creative Development Program, Fletcher will launch his new event, Stories in the Key of GC, which features great live storytelling, music and even better vibes.

In the vein of Yarn Storytelling in Brisbane or Moth in New York, Stories in the Key of GC is a celebration of local culture, and the joy of stories.

As an accomplished guitarist and jazz-trained flautist, Fletcher works under the moniker, Cold Ghost, a spoonerism inspired by the city he now calls home.

‘Bachelor Tapes’ by Cold Ghost was this year nominated for Album of the Year at the Gold Coast Music Awards and was the culmination of Fletcher’s Bachelor of Popular Music degree at Griffith University.

“Since moving to the Gold Coast in 2011, I have worked extremely hard to get where I am today and am currently busy writing, recording and producing a new album that I hope to release later this year,” said Fletcher.

“I absolutely love what I do and having been selected as a recipient in HOTA’s Creative Development Program has allowed me to grow as an artist and really progress with my work.”

Completely deaf in one ear due to childhood mumps, Fletcher has created a feast for the senses in stereo by manually manipulating his own mono experience.

“The idea of this event is that everyone can come together and listen to local wordsmiths tell their stories amongst a dreamlike soundscape in the key of the Gold Coast.”

ABC Gold Coast’s Breakfast Show host – who also happens to be Fletcher’s partner – Bern Young, will MC Stories in the Key of GC and use her intellect and warmth to connect and engage audiences attending this unique event.

Joining the couple on stage to tell tales of their own and sharing those from others, will be reporter and serial eavesdropper, Amy Mac; award-winning writer, Lystra Bisschop; best selling author, Tim Baker; and hilarious co-host of Hot Tomato’s Breakfast Show, Sean Flanagan.

As the leading arts and culture hub of the Gold Coast, HOTA’s commitment to work with local artists and help transform ideas into outcomes will continue to grow through programs like this to encourage participants to explore new ideas, experiment and collaborate.

Stories in the Key of GC will take place at Home of the Arts on Friday 18th October at 7.30pm.