A new watch is helping save lives of domestic violence victims

Victims of domestic violence will be able to call for help faster and more discreetly than ever thanks to an innovative new watch and passionate local charity.

Australian Charity of the Year, Friends With Dignity and SOS Watches have partnered to deliver the watches in a bid to provide an extra level of security to help those who have fled a violent situation, as well as those who may still be at risk.

The SOS watch looks and acts the same as any other, however there’s a few very important additions… like the ability to call emergency services with the push of a button, eliminating the need for a phone.


Other features include an inbuilt GPS and long battery life.

“The user need only charge the watch while having dinner, and it’s good to go for another three days,” Friends With Dignity Chief Operations Officer, Zoe Scharenguivel said.

SOS Watch

PHOTO: Supplied by SOS Watch

The partnership is part of the FriendSafe program, which is an initiative established to “ensure everyone is able to practice a basic need of feeling safe and access to an immediate response when feeling threatened or at risk,” Friends With Dignity Chief Executive Officer Manuela Whitford said.

PHOTO CREDIT: Damien White of Captum Imago Photography – Supplied by Friends with Dignity | (L-R) Dr Biju Paul and Rory Wheeler from SOS Watches, alongside Manuela Whitford, Julia McKenna and Zoe Scharenguivel from Friends with Dignity.

“This partnership is important as we believe that by collaborating and working with other services and businesses we can have a bigger impact and utilise resources to assist people or families at risk,” Friends With Dignity Chief Financial Officer Julia McKenna said.

It’s understood Friends With Dignity will cover the full cost of the watch, including a 12 month subscription, for those who have been referred by a registered agency, service or organisation.

However, those not associated with a referral service will also be able to purchase the watch directly from Friends With Dignity.

PHOTO CREDIT: Damien White of Captum Imago Photography | Supplied by Friends with Dignity | (L-R) Zoe Scharenguivel, Rosie Batty, Julia McKenna, Manuela Whitford.

Friends With Dignity is a self-funded, volunteer-driven charity providing critical and practical programs to assist survivors of domestic and family violence across Australia.

For more information on the SOS Watch, click here.