A pig in a poke

“SAVE Peppa Pig,” said the pretty pink placard.

The Gold Coast’s postponed March in March rally finally got underway on Saturday 22nd March, a week after it happened everywhere else, and it was, well, all very nice.

Laid back, you might say.


So laid back most of them were apparently still in bed and missed it all together.

It was an angrier and larger crowd that gathered the next day to protest outside the Newman Government’s community cabinet meeting in Tallebudgera.

But there were more police than politicians around and, as outraged protestors tweeted, the cops were filming them, using metal detectors on anyone entering the hall and barring those without a meeting time.

“What is Premier Newman scared of locking the community out of Community Cabinet,” Burleigh Labor candidate Gail Hislop tweeted indignantly.

Well not you, I would suggest.

Opposition leader Annastacia Palaszczuk – now to be forever known as Snow White in charge of seven political dwarfs – tweeted throughout the rally.

“Never before seen such a police presence and locals locked out of Community Cabinet,” she tweeted.

“(Newman) sneaks in the back door at Gold Coast Community Cabinet, ignoring locals with genuine concerns.”

What? She was a minister in the former Bligh Government, she knows how it works.

Anyone who wants to raise an issue with a minister has to fill in an application form before the meeting so they can be allotted a time.

I’ve been to many community cabinets all over Queensland under both Labor and the LNP and I have never seen placard-carrying protestors let in willy nilly to cause havoc.

Sometimes a few snuck in to ask uncomfortable questions but it would have been sheer chaos if they were all let in and unfair to those who made appointments.

But besides that, is Ms Palaszczuk being deliberately obtuse about the police surveillance?

Surely she must be aware the Premier and some of his ministers would be under increased security because of the crackdown on bikies.

And the community cabinet was held on the same day as the high profile raids on bikies allegedly involved in extortion rackets.

We are not in Kansas anymore.


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