A silver lining to every grey cloud

Incredibly, last week saw Aussies pipe up with some of the ugliest, most hateful, most ignorant responses to currents affairs.

First there was Fraser Anning and his offensive response to the tragedy in Christchurch. He’s an ignorant, intolerant man of such epic proportions that I don’t even want to give his comments any more attention.

But there were also his vocal supporters – like convicted criminal and grown-ass man Neil Erickson, who was more than happy to tackle a teenager and hold him in a headlock for the deadly crime of egging the Senator. Anning has other supporters who say things like: “The Australian culture and way of life must be preserved before it’s too late”.


Ugly. Hateful. Ignorant.

Next, there was the photo of Tayla Harris, which went viral for all the wrong reasons.

Tayla is a professional AFL player, and someone took a photo of her doing her job. Her incredibly powerful leg is high in the air, which was enough to encourage the dregs of society to post vile, sexually abusive comments alongside the photo.

It got so vulgar that 7AFL deleted the post.

Ugly. Hateful. Ignorant.

Fortunately, there is always a silver lining to every grey cloud.

In the above cases…

Anning’s antics have been overpowered by condemnation, and a petition calling for Anning to be ousted from parliament has received more than 1.4 million signatures already.

The kid that egged him has become the subject of a GoFundMe campaign, which at the time of writing, has attracted almost $80,000 in donations. Egg boy, aka Will Connelly, has confirmed that he will forward the lion’s share of the donations to the victims’ families in Christchurch.

“Let me inform all you guys, Muslims are not terrorists and terrorism has no religion,” Will says. “All those who consider Muslims a terrorist community have empty heads like Anning.”

And as for Tayla? Well, the iconic image of her has been re-shared, posted and publicised far and wide, and it’s now going viral for all of the right reasons.

There is hope yet!