‘A very interesting federal election’ predicted for the Gold Coast seat of Moncrieff

High profile Labor Party figures have spoken out, saying the Gold Coast is in for an ‘interesting federal election’, once Steve Ciobo steps down from the safe seat of Moncrieff.

It comes after an email from a potential LNP candidate for the seat was leaked to Newscorp, saying the party will have to battle to hold the ‘safe’ seat.

While there are eight LNP candidates ready to step into the role, Labor figures say this won’t be an easy win.


Moncrieff is a notoriously safe seat for the Liberals, who’ve held it since its creation in 1984.

Senator Murray Watt says the seat could fall to Labor this time, because the LNP has simply failed to deliver for the Gold Coast.

“It’s very difficult to point to anything that the LNP government has actually achieved for the Gold Coast since it got elected in 2013.

“We’re still waiting for the M1 to be fixed, we’re still waiting for the Gold Coast light rail to be extended to Burleigh, we’re still waiting for heavy rail connections.”

“Meanwhile, the Gold Coast keeps growing and the population keeps suffering with congestion,” Senator Watt said.

Transport Minister Mark Bailey agrees that the LNP are going to have to work for it.

“They ripped of the Gold Coast on the M1 funding compared to the M1, they underfunded the light rail.

“Their record of ignoring the Gold Coast under Campbell Newman… It’s no wonder the Gold Coast is turning on them.

“It’s going to be a very interesting federal election,” Minister Bailey said.

He also went on to say that even Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate believes LNP has been taking it’s Gold Coast seats for granted.

“The revelations of the Mayor, that the Gold Coast has been taken for granted by the LNP are incredibly damning.

“Tom Tate knows the Gold Coast, and Tom Tate says the LNP is taking it for granted.

“I think we can be pretty clear that that’s the case,” Minister Bailey said.