A vision of the Gold Coast’s future – and other mythical stories

THE draft plan of how the Gold Coast’s overlords see the city looking in 2034 makes me sick.

Truthfully, I watched the fly through of the plan on myGC.com.au and immediately felt like heaving.

It’s a weird motion sickness I also get from playing computer games and watching IMAX movies.


So stay away from it if you are a delicate petal like me.

The plan itself is no big deal.

There are lots of thrusting high-rises and throbbing development along the light rail route but not much new in the way of road infrastructure.

But calm down people, there is nothing to panic about.

Anything could happen between now and 2034.

A giant tsunami could wipe the place out or, worse, the Byron Bay scourge could spread north until the Gold Coast City Council is taken over by greenies.

Besides, surely our hoverboards would have arrived by then.

At the very least we will all have Google driverless cars to deal with the appalling traffic chaos.

And, who knows, the light rail may prove to be an outstanding success.

Oh sorry, wait, I can’t stop laughing.

Anyway, that’s if anything changes much at all by then.

I’ve been around long enough to remember the plans made 20 years ago for how the Gold Coast would look today.

And it looks nothing like it was supposed to.

For instance, the Coomera Town Centre – I covered a community forum on that in 1994 and it still hasn’t happened.

But this new draft plan has a very cool interactive map and there is nothing better in my books than an interactive map.

This one is built on Google Earth and you can zoom down to street level and house number.

You can even click on your own house to see a report of how the plan will affect you.

Of course I immediately looked up my house to see what it would look like in 20 years and I was pretty disappointed.

Apparently I still haven’t gotten around to painting my roof by 2034.

You have until July 29 to have your say on the draft plan.

After that the mayor and the council will completely ignore all submissions and do what they always planned anyway.

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