A week of rain expected for the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is in for a fair lashing of rain this week, with no sunshine in sight until next week.

Well, there still might be some sunshine, but mostly rain.

It rolled in overnight on Monday night and isn’t expected to let up until the weekend.


Even then a few isolated showers are on the cards until next Monday.

According to the Bureau, there’s a high pressure ridge strengthening along the coast line, giving the winds a bit more of an onshore direction and bringing more moisture inland.

We’re also experiencing a bit of a surface trough off shore, which combined with the high pressure ridge will see a few big showers for the South East region, particularly the Gold Coast.

So, yes, in layman’s terms… a lot of rain.

Jess Gardner from the Bureau told myGC it’ll be pretty wet for a few days, with the biggest drop expected for tomorrow.

“We’re looking at most people seeing in the region of 10 -20 millimetres for the Gold Coast area.

“Some people could see a little bit more of that, if showers go directly over the top of them.

“We’ll start to see that slowly easing off from Thursday, that surface trough will move away, and the showers will start contracting back to the coast line.

“Over the weekend, we’re looking at that easing back, and seeing far more isolated showers around on Saturday and very few showers at all on Sunday,” Ms Gardner told myGC.