A year of cleaning up our act

It was a year that many of us will never forget, and although 2020 threw us all some curve balls, it allowed us to spend more time with our families and friends while also finding new ways to keep busy and stay connected.

We saw many people take the opportunity to clean, re-organise and work on some DIY house projects with some homes even undergoing major renovations. Some people took to social media to show-off what they had done and how good their homes looked.

For most of us, our home is our sanctuary, and it seems that having our home looking nice and clean instils a great sense of pride in us. But… what about things that are in the public space, outside our property or items we don’t own? No doubt we all like living in a nice and clean community or neighbourhood, but who does that cleaning?

The City of Gold Coast do a pretty good job at keeping local parks and beaches clean and tidy. Did you know that they also remove the graffiti that pops up from time to time?

Graffiti is unsightly and expensive to remove, but with the City’s rapid removal approach, it is usually removed within five working days of being reported or within one day if it’s offensive.

The City even removes graffiti from property that belongs to Energex and from private property if it’s accessible from public land. They also provide free graffiti removal kits for residents and business owners to help keep their homes and businesses clean. Studies have shown that when graffiti is removed promptly, it reduces the likelihood of more graffiti in that area.

We all love having clean cars, a clean house and yard and we’re proud of how beautiful the Gold Coast is, so let’s work together to report graffiti as soon as we see it, so it can be wiped out.

It’s really easy to report graffiti; you can do it online at cityofgoldcoast.com.au/graffiti, by calling the Graffiti Hotline on 07 5667 5974 (particularly if it’s offensive), emailing graffiti@goldcoast.qld.gov.au, or via the City of Gold Coast app.

So c’mon Gold Coast, let’s wipe out graffiti together.

For more information about how the City removes and prevents graffiti in our city, visit the City of Gold Coast website.