Abbott cops lashing from Stefanovic on morning tv

VIEWERS of the Today Show received their daily dose of entertainment this morning with Today host Stefanovic labelling Prime Minister Tony Abbott as a ‘one term wonder’.

The Prime Minister appeared on Channel Nine’s Today show and faced a barrage of questions from host Karl Stefanovic over his controversial budget decisions.

As Mr Abbott took aim at the Labor party saying they were trying to sabotage the government’s budget and he wished they weren’t ‘in such a feral mood’, Stefanovic hit back by saying he was exactly the same in Opposition.


‘With respect you were fairly feral in Opposition weren’t you, I mean the greatest respect by that, and … why would (Bill Shorten) do anything different when it worked for you?’ Stefanovic asked.

‘No one is buying what you are selling. That is the problem,’ Stefanovic said.

Mr Abbott defended his government’s budget saying it wasn’t in ‘shambles’ and said the budget has been under control since the Liberal party were elected to government.

The latest opinion poll results follow a ragged week for the Liberal party, which centred around the controversial cuts to the ABC and confusion over whether the government was shelving the GP $7 co-payment.