‘Absolutely inundated’: donations flooding in for hinterland residents

Community support is at an all time high, following the devastating impacts of bushfire on the hinterland community.

With easing weather conditions today and tomorrow, crews are hoping to have better access to effected areas to assess the damage.

Meantime, locals, volunteers, the Red Cross and local Council have banded together to support those effected, with the scene at the Canungra base a hive of activity.


Donations have come from far and wide, with fire fighters and displaced communities inundated with food and supplies in their time of need.

Fire fighters requested Moccona instant coffee, and the community delivered in droves.

Sunscreen, bottled water, pet food and more have all been flooding in.

Scenic Rim Mayor Greg Christensen said the donations have been incredible, but the perishable items are starting to become a problem.

“We’ve been overwhelmed by the generous gestures of people, to the point that it’s potentially problematic for us.

“The emergency services guys have come to me this morning and say ‘we’re overwhelmed with material that’s now starting to perish, because people have not listened to the message’.

“We want you to go through the GIVIT page, as the means of providing support, rather than having material that comes in, and is perishable and can’t be used and will end up going to waste.

“It’s much better if you work with us through the GIVIT page,” Mayor Christensen said.

MyGC visited the Canungra base yesterday, and community members and volunteers are elated with how the Gold Coast community has rallied around the hinterland.

Tamlyn Geiger Canungra Community Bushfire Canungra Showgrounds 2019, PHOTO: myGC.com.au

One such volunteer, Tamlin Geiger, says it’s just been absolutely mind blowing.

“What’s been happening around the community is just amazing, I’m just really amazed at how everyone’s pulled together.

“Whats coming through is incredible – it’s mind boggling – we’ve got enough stuff now.

“People are now making large donations and we’re buying things that we really need.

“But if anyone really wants to help – please got to the GIVIT website, and you can work through that, because we’ll start thinking about the larger stuff like fridges and stuff, and that’s how you do that through them.

“We’re just absolutely inundated.

“This community is amazing, we’re a country community, the thing to remember is we’re not here to work for ourselves, we’re working for Beechmont.

“While we haven’t got access to a lot of stuff at Beechmont yet, we’ll be ready for them when they need help, so we’ve got it here for them,” Ms Geiger told myGC.

Bushfire Canungra Showgrounds 2019 Food Supplied | PHOTO: myGC.com.au

Local council, volunteers and emergency crews are now asking that all donations go through GIVIT, an organisation that specialised in coordinated giving to make sure that donations aren’t wasted.

Nikki Howsen the National Manager from GIVIT spoke to 1029 Hot Tomato’s Flan, Emily Jade and Christo and said there’s a more simple way to make sure your donation counts.

“What we’re looking to do is to make sure that they’re going to have what they need in the coming days and weeks, and that’s where we want you to jump online to the GIVIT website.

“Have a look at what is being requested today, and if what you have to give away isn’t on that list, just add it onto the website and then the local charities can have a look at that list and go ‘great, there’s a bed there, there’s a pram there, there’s a pack of nappies there… I don’t need the other 19 high chairs right now, but very soon I might’.

“Once you’ve listed your donation on the GIVIT warehouse – the virtual warehouse – you get to hold on to what you’ve got until we find a match for you.

“Then we’ll give you the name of the charity that needs that exact item that’s working with people who are fire effected.

“They’ll get in touch with you, and say please drop it off to this location, so that they’re not dealing with hundreds and hundreds of items at once,” Ms Howsen told Flan, Emily Jade and Christo.

The SES is working hard to support ground crews as well, assisting the police and firies with jobs like door knocking, road closures and delivering food to residents and crews.

Danni Bull from SES told myGC the community has really pulled together, and that there are a few simple things that people who would like to donate can keep in mind.

“As far as emergency services go, and looking after our crews on the ground… We’re not after people making sandwiches or uncooked meals.

“We’re looking for things like muesli bars, snack packs, noodles that are in the cups, soft drinks, sport drinks, any sort of non-perishables, large clip-seal bags, and lip balms because it’s pretty windy up here at the moment.

“All other donations are to go through Moriarty Park, which is handled by Coucncil and the Red Cross.

“There’s so many people just doing what they can and offering help and it’s so good to see,” Ms Bull told myGC.

From the scene last night, the Coomera Valley Rural Fire Brigade shared images of another drop off being unpacked at Canungra.

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