ACA calls for ball-tampering bans to be lifted immediately following damning cricket review

The Australian Cricketer’s Association has called for the bans handed to Cameron Bancroft, David Warner, and Steve Smith to be lifted immediately, following Cricket Australia’s review into its culture.

ACA President Greg Dyer addressed the media on Tuesday morning, less than 24 hours after the “damning” findings in CA’s Longstaff review, which admitted that a poor culture played a part in the ball-tampering scandal in South Africa earlier this year.

“Given there is independent verification that CA system and culture were contributing factors, the ACA executive calls for the lifting of the board imposed penalties on Steve Smith, David Warner and Cameron Bancroft,” Mr Dyer said.


“We note that board of CA has both the power and, in our view, the moral obligation to do so.

“They should do it.”

ACA will make a submission to the Cricket Australia board in the next 48 hours calling for a new look at the bans.

CEO Alistair Nicholson said ACA is not condoning the actions of the three players but that their sentences need to be reviewed.

“We’re not saying that what they did was right,” Mr Nicholson said.

:”What we’re saying is that their sentences, with this new evidence, needs to now be re-calibrated and reviewed.

“It’s natural justice that now needs to happen.”

The ACA believes an immediate lifting of the bans would also bring the suspensions closer in to line with new International Cricket Council penalties for ball-tampering.

The new maximum ban for ball-tampering, enacted after the incident in South Africa, to a maximum six Tests. Smith, Warner and Bancroft have each missed three Tests and been sidelined for six months.

That could mean a return to all cricket, including the potential for them to play in the Test series against India which begins in December.