Accusations of lying, leaked text messages fuel tensions between Aus and France

The fallout between Australia and France over the submarine deal continues and is quickly turning into a he-said he-said, as world leaders gather for several meetings in Europe.

At the G20 summit over the weekend, French President Emmanual Macron wasn’t shy in telling reporters that Scott Morrison lied about the axed submarine deal.

French authorities had always labelled Australia’s decision to ditch their $90 billion agreement for a new deal with the US and UK as a stab in the back.


“I don’t think, I know,” Emmanual Macron responded to questions about whether he thought Scott Morrison lied to him.

“The AUKUS deal was very bad news for France — but not just for France, because I think it’s very bad news for the credibility of Australia and very bad news for the trust that great partners can have with the Australians.

“I think this is detrimental to the reputation of your country and your Prime Minister,” President Macron said.

A text message was then leaked which appears to show the French President messaging Scott Morrison: “Should I expect good or bad news for our joint submarine ambitions?”

While the Australian Prime Minister hasn’t denied leaking the message himself, he’s addressed the accusations since – saying he won’t allow his country to be ‘sledged’.

“The statements that were made questioning Australia’s integrity and the slurs that have been placed on Australia – not me – I’ve got broad shoulders, I can deal with that. 

“But those slurs, I’m not going to cop sledging of Australia,” the Prime Minister said overnight.