Accused murder Jayden Moorea finally fitted with GPS tracker

Accused murderer Jayden Moorea has turned up to Southport Police Station this morning, to finally be fitted with a GPS tracker.

Mr Moorea – formerly known as Dan Shearin – was charged with the murder of former Titans cheerleader Breanna Robinson, who fell 11 storeys to her death from a Southport balcony back in 2009.

An unexpected result at a bail hearing on Monday saw the 45-year-old released from prison on Tuesday.


Part of his bail conditions were that he had to wear a GPS tracker, though there were none available at the time of his release.

Mr Moorea has spent 2 days of his bail roaming around the Gold Coast, waiting for a tracker to be sent down the M1 from Brisbane.

The family of 21-year-old Breanna Robinson was distraught over the decision to let a high-risk criminal out into the community without a tracker.

Janine Mackney, the aunt of Ms Robinson said on Wednesday that he shouldn’t have been allowed out at all.

“We are absolutley outraged, yet again, I have to yet again stand here and cry for Bree, for the victims, we’ve had enough, this is not right,” Ms Mackney said tearfully.

Mr Moorea spent some 20 minutes getting fitted with the device at Southport Police Station this morning, so that he can be monitored while on bail for the murder charge.

The tracker was covered up by his jeans when he left the station, accompanied by his lawyer Chris Hannay.

Neither made a comment.

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