Acting GC Mayor exploring ‘all options’ for controversial Gold Coast sign

Acting Gold Coast Mayor Donna Gates has today called for a report into the controversial northern gateway ‘welcome’ sign.

The art project, which was jointly funded between the State Government and City of Gold Coast, has caused widespread outrage since being installed earlier this year.

Passionate locals haven’t been shy about voicing their opinion on the light-pole shaped lettering – with many, including Ms Gates, claiming the feature cannot be easily read.


“I think that it’s highly inappropriate given that no one can read it travelling at 110km/hr,” Ms Gates said.

“It was a point I made initially, but there were only two Councillors who were of the view that we shouldn’t proceed with that design because an art panel chose it.”

Cr Gates says she understands that there’s been a serious amount of backlash about the installation from Gold Coasters, which is why she’s trying to figure out a way to address the concerns.

“I don’t think we’ve ever had such a level of community comment about something,” she said.

“We recognise there’s been a major error of judgement and today I’ve put forward a motion to see what we do about it now.”

According to Cr Gates, Council is exploring “all options for the sign” including decommissioning the art structure, Modifying it in its current location; or Relocating it to a site where the word GOLDCOAST can be easily read.