One confirmed dead in ongoing Austrian terror attack

UPDATE @ 9.00AM | At least one person has been confirmed dead and several others injured, in a large scale terror attack in Austria.

Local police have confirmed that several shots were fired at six different locations within the inner city area of Vienna.

There are several suspects armed with rifles roaming about the city, one of which has been shot and killed by police officers.


Residents are being urged to stay home and not to go outside, as the manhunt continues.

EARLIER @ 7.45AM | Seven people are presumed dead and a number of others have been injured, in a suspected terror attack in Austria.

A major police operation is underway in Vienna, with reports multiple perpetrators have opened fire at a number of venues around the city.

It’s believed to have started in a synagogue before spreading to other parts of the inner city.

The Austrian government say they believe the shooting is a terrorist attack with multiple perpetrators.

It’s all happened just a couple of hours before a fresh lockdown was due to begin, with man people out enjoying their last moments of freedom.

The incident is still unfolding.

EARLIER @ 6.45AM | A number of people have been injured, in what’s believed to be an active shooter situation in Austria.

There are reports a person has opened fire in a Synagogue in the country’s capital of Vienna this morning.

A local broadcaster says a large scale police operation is ongoing, and people are being warned to stay away from the area.

Police tweeted the following message a short time ago:

“Shots fired in the Inner City district – there are persons injured – KEEP AWAY from all public places or public Transport – don’t share any Videos or Fotos!”

It’s not yet clear exactly how many people have been injured.

The incident was still unfolding at the time of writing.

More to come.