Adam Scott to host traditional Aussie BBQ ahead of US Masters

ADAM SCOTT will have a piece of Australia on his plate when he hosts the Champions Dinner ahead of the US Masters golf tournament.

The Hope Island local will join other former winners in the traditional pre-tournament feed tonight, which he said will have an “all Australian barbecue theme”.

Scott told media at a Press Conference at Augusta National today he “kind of picked nothing too exotic because I didn’t think too many of the other guys’d appreciate any kangaroo and crocodile or anything like that but it’s along those lines of surf ‘n turf and it’ll be off the barbie which is what I like”.


He added “I would’ve loved to serve some meat pies at a cocktail hour but it couldn’t be arranged so next time, if I get another chance to do it, I’d love to serve some meat pies”.

moreton bay bugs (

The Gold Coast golfer confirmed Moreton Bay Bugs (pictured above courtesy of will be on the menu, despite admitting he was worried the “name” might put off some of the American guests.

He told media he “picked the bugs because I like them” before breaking into a fit of laughter.

Scott will tee off a couple of hours after fellow Queenslander Steven Bowditch tomorrow night.