Adani boss targeted by protestors on the Gold Coast

Protestors have tried to confront the Australian boss of mining giant Adani during a business lunch being held on the Gold Coast.

Adani CEO Lucas Dow was guest speaker at the function in Southport this afternoon.

A handful of people gathered outside a restaurant on Como Crescent where the event was taking place, holding up anti-Adani banners.


The group was calling on both Adani and the the State Government to rule out any sort of royalty deal with work set to get underway soon on its Carmichael mine.

Protestor Marie Carbolth said Mr Dow has said before that Adani doesn’t need any taxpayer’s money.

“We would like him to rule out asking the government for a royalty deal, we’re also asking the Queensland Government, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, Deputy Premier Jackie Trad, to rule out any possibility of any taxpayer money going to Adani.,’ Ms Carbolth said.

“We don’t want them to consider any royalties deal and Premier Palaszczuk has in the past promised there would be no public money, taxpayer dollars going to Adani.”

Police watch over an anti-Adani protest ion Southport. Image: Dean Shelton

#StopAdani Gold Coast spokesperson Matt Ross says Mr Dow admitted the during the event that the mine will only create 1500 jobs, not 10,000 as has been reported.

“Adani says they don’t need public funding, the Queensland government says they don’t support public funding for Adani, so why on earth is a deal on the table?

“Every cent Adani does not pay for the coal it digs up is a cent robbed from our schools, hospitals and other public services.”

Police said the protest was peaceful.

Mr Dow left the event via an underground car park, avoiding the protestors outside.

Adani CEO Lucas Dow addressing a business event in Southport. Image: #stopadani