Adele opens up about her battle with depression

Songstress Adele has revealed she suffered from post-partum depression and had undergone therapy when she was younger to treat what she’s referred to as her “very dark side”.

The British singer and songwriter, who is currently touring her album 25, opened up to Vanity Fair in an interview for its December cover story, confessing she would be happy if she never had to tour again.

The 10-time Grammy winner known for her heart-wrenching ballads, said she had always been drawn to sad music.


Adele suffered post-partum depression after she gave birth to her son Angelo four years ago, with partner Simon Konecki.

She’s said that it’s not likely her future songs will ever match those she wrote for her 2011 album 21, which sold more than 31 million copies worldwide as she works on her recovery.

Since giving birth, she said she’s quit smoking and limits herself to only a couple of glasses of wine a week.