Adele’s debut single from new album released today!

ADELE has given fans a sneak peak into her new album by releasing her debut single ‘Hello’ on Friday.

After nearly five years since the release of her last studio album, Adele teased details about her highly anticipated new album, which will be available globally on Friday 20th November.

In a letter posted on her Facebook page on Wednesday, Adele explained the process behind her new album, which she claims is a ‘make-up record’ and more ‘adult’ than her previous music.


“It began When I was 7, I wanted to be 8. When I was 8, I wanted to be 12. When I turned 12 I just wanted to be 18. Then after that I stopped wanting to be older. Now I’m ticking 16-24 boxes just to see if I can blag it! I feel like I’ve spent my whole life so far wishing it away.”

“Always wishing I was older, wishing I was somewhere else, wishing I could remember and wishing I could forget too. Wishing I hadn’t ruined so many good things because I was scared or bored.”

“Wishing I wasn’t so matter of fact all the time. Wishing I’d gotten to know my great grandmother more, and wishing I didn’t know myself so well, because it means I always know what’s going to happen. Wishing I hadn’t cut my hair off, wishing I was 5ft 7in. Wishing I’d waited and wishing I’d hurried up as well.”

‘Hello,’ the debut single from 25, will be available to buy and stream on Friday October 23rd.

The cinematic video for ‘Hello’ will also be revealed on Friday October 23rd. It was shot in the countryside surrounding Montreal and is directed by the celebrated young Canadian director Xavier Dolan (Mommy, Tom at the Farm).

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