Two men front court on terror related charges

UPDATE: THE two men arrested on terror related charges have fronted a Brisbane Court.

Omar Succarieh, believed to be the brother of a suspected Syria suicide bomber from Australia, and Logan man Agim Kruezi made no application for bail and their cases were adjourned to October 17.

Both face charges of preparing for incursions into Syria to engage in hostile activities.


Kruezi, 21, is also charged with recruiting people for incursions into Syria and weapons-related offences.

Succarieh, 31, is accused of funding the terrorist organisation Jabhat al-Nusra in Syria.

It follows a series of raids north of the Coast on Wednesday.

EARLIER: TWO men will front Court today for their alleged involvement in recruiting and funding Australians to fight with extremists in Syria.

On Wednesday, police moved in an the iQraa Islamic Centre an Underwood, just north of the Gold Coast, and made two arrests, a 21-year-old man, and 31-year-old man.

31-year-old Omar Succarieh is known as the brother of Australia’s first suicide bomber. He and the unnamed 21-year-old were taken into custody by Australian Federal Police after police raided the store and eight other addresses.

The 21-year-old was charged over “preparations for incursions into Syria, with the intentions of engaging in hostile activities”.
The arrests follow a year-long investigation.
Both Federal and Queensland police stressed to the media on Wednesday that there was no suspicion of a planned domestic attack.

EARLIER: POLICE have confirmed two Brisbane men have been arrested after raids on an Islamic bookstore north of the Coast this morning.

It’s alleged the men were involved in recruiting, facilitating and funding people to travel to Syria to engage in hostile activities.

Along with the Logan bookstore, six other properties were also searched.

Police were seen seizing items from the Islamic bookstore, including a Styrofoam human head which appeared to have been used as target practice with a bow and arrow and a large piece of wood which appears to have been sprayed with bullets.

Police are expected to address the media at 4pm.

EARLIER:AUSTRALIAN Federal Police have raided an Islamic centre north of the Gold Coast this morning amid reports of a “heightened security threat” to Australia. 

The ABC reports the operation at the iQraa Islamic Centre in the Logan suburb of Underwood was launched this morning and that Queensland Premier Campbell Newman had been briefed by authorities.

“What has been conveyed to me is there is heightened security threats to Australians and we won’t just let that roll on,” Mr Newman said without going into the specifics.

So far, two men have been arrested and a total of seven properties across the area are being searched, according to Seven News.

Authorities are remaining tight-lipped about the operation, with police confirming nothing more than an operation was underway.

There are unconfirmed reports the raids may be a response to intelligence received relating to a potential rising terror threat at the G20 summit scheduled to be held in Brisbane in November.

It’s expected police will release an official statement later this afternoon.