AFP wins bid to hold terrorism suspect for another 100 hours

THE Australian Federal Police have won a last minute closed-court hearing to continue questioning a Sydney teenage terrorism suspect for another 100 hours.

The 18-year-old man was arrested on Wednesday morning during counter-terrorism raids across Sydney’s west that were connected to last week’s fatal shooting outside New South Wales police headquarters at Parramatta.

He was one of four young men arrested.


Under normal circumstances, the AFP can only detain a suspect without charge for 24 hours.

However, in 2004 Part 1C of the Crimes Act was beefed up to allow police to apply to the courts for extra time to detain and question a terrorism suspect.

Yesterday afternoon, the AFP’s lawyers were successful in grabbing an extra 100 hours to quiz the young man about what he may know about last week’s fatal attack.

The three other males who were also arrested have since been released without charge.