AirAsia flight forced to turn around after terrifying mid-air emergency

AN AirAsia flight has been forced to turn around after a terrifying mid-air emergency.

Flight QZ 535 was en-route to Bali from Perth when it was forced to make an emergency landing 25 minutes in on Sunday.

It’s understood a technical issue was to blame, with the cabin losing pressure and plummeting at least 20,000 feet.


Passengers posted video footage of the incident to social media, which showed oxygen masks dropping from the ceiling and people being told to get into the ‘brace’ position.

Luckily, the plane landed safely shortly after and no one was injured.

AirAsia issued a statement saying engineers would be examining the aircraft.

“The safety of our guests is our utmost priority,” the statement said.

“AirAsia Indonesia apologises for any inconvenience caused.”