AirAsia: Reports plane door, evac slide found

UPDATE: CONFIRMATION that wreckage of missing AirAsia flight QZ8501 has been found floating in the Java Sea.

Items spotted include life jackets, luggage, an emergency exit door & emergency slide. Several bodies have also been spotted floating in the debris field.

Several bodies have also been spotted floating in the debris field.


The next phase of the mission can now begin to recover the 162 victims, black box & plane from the sea floor.

EARLIER: THERE are reports emerging this afternoon that possible wreckage from missing Air Asia flight QZ8501 has been found.

Early information suggests items resembling an emergency slide and a plane door have been spotted in the area near where the Airbus A320-200 vanished – feared crashed – with 162 people on board on Sunday. 

Further reports suggest that up to 10 large objects have been found floating in the same area, surrounded by smaller debris.

PICTURE: @STForeignDesk

PICTURE: @STForeignDesk (Twitter)

The passenger plane lost contact with Air Traffic Control while flying through vigorous thunderstorms over the Java Sea approximately 42 minutes into a two hour and 13 minute flight from Indonesia to Singapore.

Last night, reports suggesting Australian search teams has found ‘suspicious objects’ floating in the search zone were dismissed.

There is no further information available.