Airline cracks the whip


I know you’re a budget carrier but your latest move is a trifle bloody annoying.

You see, Jetstar has recently announced a new policy in regards to cabin baggage. They’re now restricting their passenger’s cabin allowance, dropping it from 10kg to 7kg.


Including handbags, backpacks and laptop bags. And their new policy starts this week.

Guess when I’m flying to New Zealand on a Jetstar return flight?

Next week!

My handbag always carries dozens of trinkets, pens, papers and other detritus, so that will account for half of the baggage allowance in itself.

Look, I totally understand the reasoning behind this – I’ve flown on Jetstar loads of times and there’s always dozens of passengers trying to squeeze chunky suitcases into the overhead compartments.

They need to crack down. It’s annoying and a bit dangerous and smacks of stinginess. Just pay the fee for checked in luggage already!

I would have paid for baggage if I needed a bigger bag – honestly, I would have. But I’m only going for the weekend, so I figured a 10kg carry-on bag would be plenty.

Now that a number of media reports have made me aware of the new luggage limits (and the fact that a suite of ‘baggage police’ will be checking that bags comply), I’m not so sure that 7kg is going to cut it. Or more like 5kg, once my handbag is factored in.

I jumped online to add some baggage to my booking and you know what I discovered?

The fee has gone up! It’s going to cost me $41 each way ($82 in total) to add one piece of checked in luggage to my booking for my weekend getaway. My whole flight only cost $290 including taxes – it seems silly to pay a further 25% to pack a few extra tops.

Oh, Jetstar – couldn’t you have simply decided to rigorously enforce your 10kg weight limit, rather than dropping it to 7kg?

I guess I’m going to have to fall back on the old faithful travel trick that passengers have been employing since air travel first launched.

Wear every bulky item of clothing I wish to take, including a coat, pop thongs in my bag and wear my heaviest shoes to the airport, then remove surplus layers (and switch shoes) once I’m in the air.

Well played, Jetstar, but two can play at this game!

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