Airline to weigh passengers along with baggage

JUST when you thought baggage limits were getting out of hand, one airline has taken it one step further – announcing that they will now be weighing its passengers along with their baggage.

Uzbekistan Airways announced on its website on Friday that all passengers will now be weighed prior to boarding.

The airline issued the following statement, outlining their reason behind the decision –


Please be informed that Uzbekistan Airways airline carries out the procedure of preflight weighing for determination of the average weight of passenger with hand baggage.

According to the rules of International Air Transport Association, airlines are obliged to carry out the regular procedures of preflight control passengers weighing with hand baggage to observe requirements for ensuring flight safety.

After passing check-in on flight and prior to boarding into the aircraft, we will suggest you to pass the procedure of weighing with the special weighing machine placed in the departure gate zone. The weighing record will only contain the corresponding passenger category (i.e. male/ female/ children). As for the rest, the full confidentiality of results is guaranteed.

We will appreciate your assistance and thank you in advance for the help in the solution of our common task of flight safety!

The International Air Transport Association has hit back, stating that no such rule exists, and that they “are not aware of an IATA rule concerning the weighing of passengers and their hand luggage prior to flight.”