Albatross Nippers: The Gold Coast nipper program with a special difference

Gold Coast kids with disabilities are being invited to join the local nippers family as part of a program to help break down barriers and stereotypes around children with special needs.

Unlike other beach based programs where young people with disabilities are often segregated and isolated, Albatross Nippers is more inclusive and conducted within the Sunday Nippers Program.

The program, run by the Nobbys Beach surf club, allows children and their families the opportunity to connect with the local community.


Albatross Nippers was launched with the aim of breaking down barriers and stereotypes, and to empower and educate the community about different disabilities, so all families can be active and enjoy the beach.

Based on the number of volunteers already registered within the Nippers program, organisers hope to double the number of special needs children within the group.

Signups are currently underway. For more information, click here.