Alcohol fuelled violence targeted in Surfers

Queensland is keen to adopt a zero tolerance approach to alcohol-related violence.

The LNP will either roll back opening times in nightspots, or boost the police presence and increase penalties for public nuisance and violent offences.

Premier Campbell Newman has called for feedback over the next few months.


Gaven MP Alex Douglas put in his two cents worth, and thinks we need a multi-faceted approach, claiming the Premier feared the alcohol lobby more than stopping the consequences of drunken behaviour.

“Mr Newman’s approach to jail and fine drunks rather than cutting drinking hours ignores the rehabilitative approach and isn’t the solution,” said Dr Douglas.

“Chasing the populist support not only fails to correct the problem, but when the public sees how ineffective that approach is, it will go the way of community views on the new anti-bikie laws”.

“Mr Newman needs to take on the alcohol lobby if he wants to fix the issue by reducing hours and alcohol advertising and increase the price of alcohol, similar to what’s happening in Scotland”.

He added that advertising is increasing while alcohol has been selling for less and less over the years.

Mr Douglas said alcohol fuelled violence is not just a problem in pubs and clubs, but can also cause issues at home.

Meantime the Bulletin reported that technology which hooks venues up to a national database of people with a history of becoming violent after a night of drinking will be rolled out across Surfers Paradise.

Club Liv the first to benefit.