Aldi accused of pressuring its truck drivers to skip breaks, break road rules

FED UP truckies have gathered in their masses outside Aldi stores across Australia today, demanding safer working practices after it was claimed the supermarket giant’s cost-cutting ways were compromising road safety.

Hundreds of frustrated truck drivers protested outside stores in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, fearing Aldi’s low-cost contracts could soon lead to a fatality on the road.

The Transport Workers Union says Aldi truck drivers are forced to skip breaks, drive long hours and neglect vehicle maintenance in order to reach their destination faster.


The TWU says some drivers even feel pressured to exceed the speed limit and ignore the road rules.

“Our drivers have had enough and are struggling to cope with the pressures brought on them by Aldi,” TWU Victorian secretary John Berger said.

“They are worried sick about the worsening road safety this mess has created and the fear that fatalities will occur.”

“We will continue to protest outside Aldi stories until the company starts taking the safety of workers in its supply chain and the travelling public seriously.”

In a statement, an Aldi spokesperson said the supermarket remained open to discussions with the TWU in relation to the allegations.

The statement said Aldi shared the Union’s goal of a “safe transport industry in order to prevent truck driver deaths”.