Alert issued for Sunshine Coast over fears of highly infectious COVID strain

A public health alert has now been issued for the Sunshine Coast, after a woman travelled there before testing positive to a highly infectious strain of coronavirus.

The woman first arrived into Victoria on the 26th of December from the UK. She was tested in hotel quarantine on the 27th and her results came back positive.

She was then isolated and completed her 10 day quarantine and cleared all her symptoms.


Authorities then granted her permission to fly into Brisbane on Jetstar flight JQ570 from Melbourne at 11pm. Anyone on board that flight is now being urged to get a test and isolate until they receive a negative result.

The woman has since travelled to Maleny on the Sunshine Coast and has been staying with her parents, who are now being isolated and tested.

She’s believed to have visited a couple of locations before testing positive again, including a pizza shop, a bottle shop and a supermarket.

Late yesterday, Queensland Health issued a public health alert for the following venues, urging anyone who has been in the venues on the dates and times to monitor their health and if they develop any COVID-19 symptoms, even mild, get tested and isolate until they receive their test results.


Flight Airline Origin Destination Date of Arrival Arrival Time
JQ570 Jetstar Melbourne Brisbane 05/01/2021 23:00


Date Venue Location Arrival Time Departure Time
06/01/2021 Cappriccios Italian Pizza Restaurant –  take-away only, waited outside. Maleny 6:30pm 7:00pm
07/01/2021 Purple Palate Cellars Maleny 4:15pm 4:25pm
07/01/2021 Woolworths Supermarket Maleny 4:30pm 4:50pm

However, we are still be assured that the risk to Queenslanders is extremely low.

“We got her tested here yesterday and she is still testing positive, so that’s why we are now following through with her contacts,” Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young said yesterday.

“The risk is extremely low, very, very, very low because she is right at the end of her potential infectious period, and with a normal variant, we would not be at all concerned.

“But because of this new variant, we are just being ultra cautious which is why we re-tested her when Victoria let us know that she had the new variant and we found that she is still excreting virus.”

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Why wouldn’t they test her after her quarantine period to make sure she was negative before letting her on a plane. Sounds like aright stuff up to me. Who is accountable for this? Heads should roll.

Sounds like Victoria again. 10 days isolating, what happened to 14 days isolating and then being tested.
Don’t think any of theses premiers know what’s going on.

Stop the fear mongering