ALERT: Netflix users targeted with “convincing” scam email

NETFLIX users are again being warned to be on the lookout for yet another “convincing” scam doing the rounds.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) issued a warning on its Facebook page on Wednesday afternoon.

It’s understood an email is being circulated to Netflix users, advising them that their membership has been placed on hold.


According to the ACMA, this is in fact a scam aimed at stealing users credentials.

“Attention Netflix users: A fake email is being circulated with the common subject line of ‘Netflix Membership On Hold’,” the ACMA said on its Facebook page.


“This is a scam targeting Australian and overseas Netflix users, aiming to steal your Netflix credentials.”

A link in the email takes users to a fake sign-in page which is almost identical to the real Netflix site.

“The fake sign-in page is extremely convincing and is a reminder that phishing scams aren’t just about stealing your bank account details,” the ACMA said.

“You need to keep ALL your personal information safe and secure.”

Users who receive the email are urged to ignore it and delete it immediately.

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