ALERT: Police warn LinkedIn users of dangerous new scam

Australians are being urged to remain wary of a dangerous new scam targeting LinkedIn users, which can potentially give hackers the ability to read every email you receive as well as steal your personal information.

The Financial and Cyber Crime Group issued the warning on Wednesday, explaining that victims have reported receiving an email with a link pretending to be from a Dropbox or a known user in their LinkedIn contact list.

The email reportedly indicates that files have been placed in their Dropbox, however if you click the link you are directed to a fake Dropbox page.


The Cyber Crime Group said the phishing scam “tries to fool users into submitting their username and password or to update personal details in order to gain access to their account.”

“It can also insert a forwarding rule to the scammers email account, which means that the scammer receives every email you receive and there could be an opportunity for sensitive information to be compromised.”

Anyone who has received a message like this recently is being urged to notify the person whose account sent it, so that they can take steps to eliminate the malware on their system.

To protect yourself from the phishing scam, police have provided the following tips:
• Be wary of emails that ask you to view or download files from people you do not know.
• Also be wary of emails which ask you to view files on services that you do not subscribe to.
• Always hover your mouse over the URL of links contained in emails to check their destination address – if they look suspicious, don’t open them. To log into a service like Dropbox,
open a new web browser and type in their URL manually.
• If you think your financial information was compromised, contact your financial institution right away, and place fraud alerts on your credit reports. Also, keep a close eye on your
account activities to spot any unauthorised charges.
• Always scan your computer using a current version of an antivirus software.