ALERT: Tradie vehicles targeted in spate of thefts on the Gold Coast

LOCAL tradies are being urged to lock up their vehicles and toolboxes after a series of recent thefts on the southern end of the Gold Coast.

Senior Constable Kurt Foessel, Officer in Charge of Elanora, said there has been a number of trade vehicles targeted with expensive tools and equipment stolen.

“Overnight, a tradesman’s ute had its canopy broken into and a number of expensive tools and equipment stolen at Elanora and we are aware of several other similar incidents,” Senior Constable Foessel said.


“These thefts affect the livelihood of tradies who need their tools and equipment to run their businesses.”

Police said local officers will be stepping up patrols throughout the Gold Coast in an effort to prevent and reduce the spike in property offences.

“We are encouraging people to help prevent their vehicles being targeted by ensuring they are secure and any valuables are removed or hidden from view.”

Police are reminding motorists to:
• Ensure vehicles are locked and all windows are fully closed;
• Expensive equipment or tools are removed from the vehicle where possible;
• Place valuables in the boot, glove box, centre console or under blankets so thieves aren’t tempted to target your vehicle;
• Park your vehicle where there is natural surveillance e.g. near shopping centre entrances and high pedestrian traffic areas instead of vulnerable isolated areas
• Use anti – theft devices ie steering locks, alarms, engine immobilisers;
• Fit anti-theft number plate screws to your vehicle;
• Do not leave keys under the seat, under wheel arches or in the ignition;
• Engrave identifying details on valuable property for ease of tracking;
• Consideration should also be given to have your vehicle identification number etched onto a window.