ALERT | Wet weather closes Gold Coast beaches

All Gold Coast beaches are closed because of dangerous inshore currents and increasing ocean swells.

City of Gold Coast is worried some swimming areas may have been affected by pollution from stormwater run-off thanks to recent heavy falls.

Around 100mm of rain is expected across the city today, and the Weather Bureau warns of gale force wind gusts.


Chief Lifeguard Warren Young said “all beaches are closed today, it’s fairly dangerous inshore conditions at present with the rising swell”.

He added “it looks like it possibly will be closed tomorrow but I’ll check it again late this afternoon and just see what’s happening”.

“At the moment they’re closed and it’s pretty inclement weather, you know strong winds and some rain about as well, it’s not beach conditions.

“The southern point breaks though for experienced surfers, they’re having a good time down that way.

The City’s Disaster Management Centre is keeping an eye on conditions, but said that according to the Bureau of Meteorology, the risk to the city is still assessed as low.

City of Gold Coast also said it is possible we could see flash flooding and road closures in flood prone areas.  Hardys Rd between Bonogin Rd and Glenmore Drive, Bonogin, are now closed.

Council also posted a message on its website letting residents know that rainfall often collects pollutants from streets, gardens and farms, before it is flushed into our ocean and rivers via the storm water system.

Stormwater run-off can increase pathogen levels in the water and make it unsafe for swimming. Popular swimming locations, such as swimming enclosures, rivers, lakes, creeks and beaches – particularly those near stormwater outlets – are sometimes affected.

As a precaution always avoid swimming:

  • one day after heavy rainfall at open beaches
  • three days after heavy rainfall at river and estuarine locations
  • in water that looks discoloured, murky, or smells unpleasant
  • near stormwater drains