Alien-like jellyfish found on Qld beach

Purple Jellyfish

Never-before-seen purple jellyfish washes up on Queensland beach. IMAGE: ABC News SOURCE: Twitter

A BRIGHT purple, alien-like jellyfish with metre-long tentacles has baffled experts after washing up on a Queensland beach.

ABC News reports a local fisherman made the discovery at Coolum Beach on the Sunshine Coast over the weekend.


Jellyfish expert Lisa Gershwin told reporters the sea creature was likely to be “a new species”.

“I’ve never seen anything like it, and honestly, being purple it alerts me to the fact that it might be a new species,” she said.

Ms Gershwin said the jellyfish belonged to the Genis Thysanostoma group, which are not common in Australian waters and were recognised by their unique metre-long tentacles, which they use to feed.

Original article by Jon Coghill and Annie Gaffney. Read more at the ABC.