All Gold Coast beaches closed until further notice

Gold Coast lifeguards have closed all Gold Coast beaches, as the effects of Cyclone Oma start hitting our shores.

Cyclone Oma still remains a category 2 system, and as of 5.04am this morning, the Weather Bureau had it tracking in our direction, before taking a more northerly track up towards the Fraser Coast.

No matter which way Cyclone Oma tracks, Hazardous Surf Warnings and a Severe Weather Warnings are still in place until further notice, and we’re being told to expect worse conditions as we head into the weekend.


Despite all beaches being closed, Acting Chief Lifeguard Chris Maynard says it’s business as usual.

” All lifeguards are still stations along the 34 beaches that are patrolled from Rainbow Bay through to the Seaway.

“Lifeguards are still in position at the lifeguard towers, and they’ll be putting out any necessary signage so that there’s plenty of information that the beaches are closed.

“They’ll be trying to keep people clear of going into the water as the swell increases today,” Mr Maynard said.


Chris Maynard goes on to say that lifeguards predict the beaches will stay closed until further notice.

“The beaches will be closed for the next three days at least,” he said.

“Unless something changes dramatically, and the swell does drop out on Sunday, but more likely the beaches will be closed from today onwards.”

“Don’t take unnecessary risks, you can be caught out quite easily.

“You can get large powerful swells that rush up along the sand, and you can be knocked off your feet quite easily.

“Stay clear of the waterline,” Mr Maynard said.

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1029 Hot Tomato’s Surf Reporter Reg says for unexperienced surfers to stay well away of the beaches.

“Waves are solid out of the east-northeast in the 6 up to 8 foot range, even the occasional bigger set on the open beaches.

There’s lots of water moving around, so super dangerous conditions, only for the experience today,” Reg said.