All students to return to classrooms in Qld

Gold Coast parents will be breathing a big sigh of relief, with all students finally heading back to school.

After weeks of home-schooling due to the virus pandemic, Years 2 to 10 students will today join their younger and older peers in the classroom.

It comes after Kindy, Prep and Years 1, 11 and 12 students returned to school on 11 May.


Independent Schools Queensland Executive Director David Robertson said while on-campus learning was recommencing, other school-related activities, such as assemblies, concerts, excursions and camps would remain on-hold.

He praised parents, students and teachers for all of their efforts during the coronavirus crisis.

“It’s been a herculean effort for all schools, staff and families to maintain student learning over the past five weeks of Term 2. It’s a credit to everyone and the strong partnerships that exist between families, carers and schools in Queensland,” he said.

“All principals, teachers and school staff deserve the highest praise for doing everything possible to keep students engaged in education and connected to their peers and school communities over this period.”

The return to school will look very different for Queensland kids and parents, with a range of new measures in place including staged picks ups and staggered lunch breaks.

QIS Parents Network Executive Officer Justine Cirocco urged parents to be kind to themselves as well as their children as everyone in the family adjusted to another ‘new normal’.

“Returning to full-time school routines will be eagerly anticipated by many parents and children, but we all need to give ourselves time to adapt because things won’t be like they were before,’” Ms Cirocco said.

“Social distancing measures are still in place so school drop-offs will be very different and parents won’t be as involved in day-to-day school life – all those things will take time to get used to.’”

Ms Cirocco advised parents to have realistic expectations about the first days and weeks of the return to school and to be prepared for a range of emotions from their children as they also adjusted.

But she reassured families they weren’t tackling these challenges alone.

“Please remember that your child’s teachers and the school administration will be prioritising your child’s health and wellbeing and will be ensuring students are supported and eased back into school life at a gentle pace.”

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