Alleged e-chid-napper released on bail

ONE of three men accused of stealing Piggie the echidna from the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary has been freed on bail.

Jarrod Ronald Simmons, 24, has reappeared in the Southport Magistrates Court today, charged with animal cruelty and receiving tainted property.

It’s believed Simmons’ mates broke into the tourist attraction on Saturday night and raided nesting boxes before grabbing Piggie.


He then allegedly had contact with the prickly four-year-old and took a ‘selfie’ with her.

The story of Piggies mis-adventure made national headlines on Monday, leading to her mysterious return at the Sanctuary on Monday night. It’s believed Simmons returned her and phoned police.

Two other men have since been charged with similar offences.

Simmons’ bail conditions include staying away from CWS and his two co-accused who will face court at a later date.