Emu killer chuckles in TV interview, admits he found the outback slaughter “funny”

A POLICE officer’s son who filmed himself laughing as he mowed down a flock of emus in his ute has broken his silence in a series of interviews, admitting he found the outback slaughter “funny at the time”.

Jacob Macdonald, 20, was arrested and charged by Victoria Police on Friday after horrific footage of the incident went viral on social media.

The sickening vision shows Macdonald behind the wheel of his white 4WD hurtling down a dirt road at almost 120km/h, chasing after a flock of emus.


The P-plate driver can be heard laughing and cheering in the video as he ploughs full speed into the terrified birds, counting as he mowed them down one-by-one.

In an exclusive interview with 7 News due to air tonight, Macdonald says it was the “biggest stuff up” of his life, despite admitting that he found it funny.

Photo: Twitter/7 News Adelaide

A 40-second clip promoting the interview posted on Twitter shows Macdonald smiling and at one point even chuckling as he answered a reporter’s questions.

“It was the biggest stuff up of my life … I’m not proud of it,” the 20-year-old tells the Channel Seven journalist before appearing to chuckle. See the video below.

“It’s not funny any more – it was at the time. It was a mistake – a silly idea. I thought they [the emus] would get out of the way but nah, they just stayed there, so.”

You can watch the full interview on Channel Seven tonight at 6pm.

In a separate interview with the Daily Mail, Macdonald insisted he wasn’t intending to be cruel to the native birds.

The keen hunter and farmhand said he thought he was “doing a good deed” because of the “destruction” the emus were causing to drought-stricken farms.

“We’ve been in drought – I could show you some photos of the destruction the emus make down here,” he said.

“It’s unreal the amount of damage they can cause … they’re a pest and they’re out of control … they need to be put down.”

You can read more of Macdonald’s interview with the Daily Mail, here.

(Photos: Facebook)

Police have since revealed the incident occurred on Pellaring Road in the tiny Victorian town of Cowangie sometime between 1-20 September.

Macdonald has since deleted his social media accounts and is due to appear in court in November, charged with tormenting and killing protected wildlife, as well speeding and using his mobile phone while driving.

The 20-year-old’s identity was first revealed in the media on Friday after his ex-girlfriend recognised him in the footage and came forward.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the woman said Macdonald flew “off the rails” after she ended their relationship in July.

“He’s the type to go hunting, he grew up that way but this is just atrocious. I was shocked and speechless … angry mostly,” she told the publication.

“I ended the relationship end of July and he kind of went off the rails a bit after that, well, obviously a lot now that we have seen this … he deserves everything he gets.”

The woman revealed Macdonald’s mother was a Victorian police officer, and his father a farmer in the New South Wales Riverina region.

“His parents would be outraged by his actions,” she said. “They’re genuinely good people.”

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The city people who have criticised Jacob have no idea of the realities of country life. Emus cause a lot of damage to crops, garden, fences & cars when they stray onto road. City people kill my mice, flies & other insects & think nothing of it. Who are they to say that one living creature is more valuable than another. If Jacob had run over 10 cane toads, people would be praising him. Emus cause more damage than cane toads. People are hypocrites

So country people can cruelly kill animals and that’s ok because city people do it too.

Pest or not, they do not deserve to be ran over like that!!!
Inhumane person you are!!
I might plow you over for being a pest and thinking it’s ok to treat animals like that!!

What an incredibly stupid excuse, this is unreal how someone can be that stupid. I feel sorry for you.

People cause more damage than any other creature on the planet – should we run them over the same way?

s*** for brains and will walk away with a reprimand and the same lame brained attitude

Looks like Captain Ugly shaved, trying to disguise his looks?
Going down, punk!

Hope they through the book at him

P. Smith it doesn’t take much to realise hitting a cane toad is more likely to kill it than maiming a large animal. Pretty sure this dumb a*** isn’t the type to go back and put it out of its misery.

Jacob I really hope you your redemption of this. Killing any animal for pleasure is no excuse. I get the country life. No excuse tho. You are a product of your environment and when you break down and do something like this the hypocrites of society want to bury you. They will use the media to vent while their steaks go cold and their minds wear closer to breaking point to doing something like you did in a similer scenario.
I speak to you as an end product of the violent world we are in. The result of animal cruelty. Someone who has spent half of his life killing animals for food and hunting for pleasure.
You need to find your redemption.
1. I hope those voices of fear and shear terror have haunted you to tears. This is you against you.
2. The law will sentence you and the hypocritical public will bury you as their steaks and snags go cold.
3. Be vulnerable. Dig deep inside. What really triggered you inside to do this?
I hope you find your redemption and discover your true passion in life.

I hope you die a miserable f***ing death you piece of s***