GRAPHIC: Man charged after bungled Nerang robbery

Nerang incident - Tom Delaney - 1

PICTURE: Tom Delaney

UPDATE: A MAN has been charged following a horrific attempted carjacking at Nerang on Thursday.

The 26 year old’s been charged with one count of assault occasioning bodily harm, one count of entering a premises and committing an indictable offence and one count of attempting to enter a premises to commit an indictable offence.


EARLIER: A WOMAN was horrified when she was almost carjacked by a man covered in blood at Nerang this afternoon. (WARNING: Graphic images below)

The man was bleeding heavily from a severe head wound that he’d received after smashing through the window of a house he’d reportedly burgled on Riverview Road shortly before 4pm.

Covered in blood, the man in his 20s then took off up the street on foot where he allegedly tried stealing Angie Moisley’s car.

Nerang - Angie 2 - mygc - 3

PICTURE: Angie Moisley

Angie said she drove almost 50 metres up the road with the man hanging out her car – his blood smearing over her steering wheel.

Neighbours intervened and detained the man until police arrived.

He was transported to Gold Coast University Hospital for treatment to his injuries.

Nerang - Ambo - Angie

PICTURE: Angie Moisley

EARLIER: AN alleged robber has been hospitalised after he reportedly dove through a glass window commando style and attempted to car-jack a woman following an apparent bungled burglary at Nerang this afternoon.

A major crime scene has been setup at the Riverview Road unit complex, where the 25-year-old offender was found semi-conscious and bleeding from a serious head wound shortly before 4pm.

Officers quickly swooped on the street, which has since been cordoned off with police tape.

Nerang - First on myGC - Angie

PICTURE: Angie Moisley

It’s alleged that, after a disturbance at the house where it’s reported the man smashed through a window, he then took off up the street on foot where he hailed down a passing car, jumped inside and reportedly attempted to drive off.

It’s understood neighbours intervened and were able to detain the offender until police arrived.

He’s was transported to Gold Coast University Hospital for treatment to head injuries.

Nerang incident - Police - Tom Delaney

PICTURE: Tom Delaney

The extent of his injuries remain unknown, however an ambulance spokesperson told myGC the patient was not critical.

There is no further information available at this time.

Nerang incident - Tom Delaney

PICTURE: Tom Delaney