Alpaca meat on the menu at Gold Coast TAFE

We’re used to some pork on our fork, a bit of beef or a leg of lamb, but how about an alpaca appetiser?

TAFE Queensland Gold Coast cookery students are today learning to prepare a five-course dinner using alpaca meat – in a masterclass hosted by renowned chef and restauranteur David Campbell.

Mr Campbell says it’s hard not to get excited about alpaca meat as it’s the only new protein to hit the industry in 20 or more years – and it’s rising in popularity across Australia due to its beautiful, delicate flavour which is similar to lamb or veal.


TAFE Queensland Gold Coast Cookery Teacher William Harmelin told myGC that alpaca is also seen as a sustainable meat because the animal is shorn twice in its life – for wool – then the pelt is taken for other products and then the meat is processed for human consumption.

“We’re trying to introduce it into the [restaurant] industry as a healthy alternative – another different protein and something that chefs can work with and promote,”said Mr Harmelin.

“Alpaca meat is very lean with little or no intra-muscular fat, high in protein, high in iron and low in cholesterol.”

He says today’s masterclass will ensure local students get a well-rounded education so that they are ahead of the competition when they graduate.