“Am I dreaming?” Aussie woman wins ‘Million Dollar Vax’ competition

A lucky Sydney woman is now $1 million richer, simply for getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

Joanne Zhu was today announced as the major prize winner of the “Million Dollar Vax” campaign, which was launched by a group of philanthropists in October in a bid to help raise the country’s vaccine rate.

The 25-year-old was one of more than 2.74 million Australians who registered and were in the running to win the cash prize after getting the jab before the October 31 competition cut-off date.


Ms Zhu said her life-changing win was still sinking in.

“Am I dreaming is this real? I cannot believe it,” she said.

“I want to fly my family out from China first class and put them up in a five star hotel for Chinese New Year if the borders are open.

“I will buy presents for my family and invest the rest of the money so I can make more money in the future.”

In addition to the million-dollar prize, $3.1 million worth of gift cards were also won during October, with 3,100 lucky Aussies claiming daily $1,000 gift cards throughout the campaign.

Craig Winkler from the Million Dollar Vax Alliance said the record-breaking campaign was one of several strategies which saw first vaccination rates increase from 78.5% to 88.3% throughout the month of October.

“All of us behind the campaign are incredibly proud of what it has achieved,” he said.

“It’s excellent to finally announce the winner and hearing their reaction was truly priceless!”

More than 3,600 postcodes across the country, including in states with lower vaccination rates, rolled up their sleeves as they vied for the chance of winning the million-dollar prize.

“We have collectively shown what can happen when Australians get on board,” Mr Winkler said.

“We are delighted with the way Australia has embraced the campaign and the positive impact it has had in lifting the national vaccination rate and getting us on track to exceed 90 per cent.

“The most encouraging element was the late increase in entries from states such as South Australia, Queensland and Western Australia, encouragingly receiving over 100k entries on the final day of the campaign”.

The Million Dollar Vax, which has been the biggest campaign of its type in Australia, has set a record with the largest number of unique entries received in a competition over a four-week period.