Amanda Vanstone slammed for nasty Bindi Irwin comment

Everyone in Australia was brimmed with happiness after Bindi Irwin took out Dancing with The Stars US yesterday. Everyone except Amanda Vanstone.

While appearing on The Verdict last night, the former immigration minister made a heartless comment about the teen, saying she didn’t understand what all the fuss was about.

“Give me a break,” she said. “She’s not the only kid whose father has died. My father died when I was young; it happens to lots of kids. It doesn’t make her special. How many years ago did her father die?”


The backlash from the nasty comment was immediate, with many taking to social media to slam Vanstone.

bindi comment

bindi comment 2

bindi comment 3

Vanstone also copped a lot of criticism from others on The Verdict panel, including Labor leader Mark Latham who said: “That was mean and nasty, you can’t say that. That’s something that not even I’d say.”

Meanwhile, Karl Stefanovic said he “was just trying to end the show on something nice” before adding that Vanstone may not be invited back on the show next year.

Steve Irwin was killed by a stingray barb to the heart in 2006.

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What a nasty lady. Obviously she is a bitter lady and Well done Bindi your dad would be So proud, can you say the same Amanda with your tainted life!!!! What would your dad think of some of your very nasty comments over the years.

You have obviously never lost a loved one your very cruel and insensitive.

What a nasty woman. No compassion, not a caring bone in her body. I wonder if she has ever dealt with her own grief, it certainly doesn’t sound like it. I lost my Dad 43 years ago when I was a teenager, still miss him and wish he was here. Someone need to let AV know that if you can’t say something nice then it’s time to say nothing

Amanda is right – Bindi isn’t the only kid who has had their dad die! In this regard she is correct, the same way I am correct in saying “What a ridiculous thing to say because it just shows how narrow minded and shallow you are”! That isn’t the point of Bindi winning DWTS or why she is on the show! Bindi is on the show because she has been true to herself and her dreams, she followed her dad and kept his message alive! She has continued to be a wildlife warrior. She just uses her dad as inspiration for what she does! We all use people we love as inspiration and dedicate our achievements to them. I didn’t hear her criticize Barrack Obama for dedicating his Presidential win to his Grandmother, or does she only have something against people who have suffered a loss? How about the people who miraculously survive cancer after preying to Saint Mary Mackillop and dedicate their recovery to her? Are you going to have a them in your twisted and venom riddled sight? Or is it just people who dedicate their achievements to a dead person you have a problem with? How about every Australian cricketer for the last 12 months dedicating a century to Phillip Hughes? Or does it have to be a relative that you have a problem with? How about the 1000’s of sports people and musicians whose parents have died and they dedicate the awards and achievements to them? Or is it more the fact that she got more publicity in a few months than you have Amanda in your whole life and it’s eating your bitter and twisted soul? Going through Australian political history of maiden speeches there has been several politicians who have mentioned that they dedicate their achievements to a parent they have lost! Or is the problem more personal and you don’t have someone that has ever meant that much to you Amanda that you want to thank? Next time you open your mouth to take one foot out and replace it with the other one just remember not to speak while doing it! And before you give us your considered opinion you might want to make it considered by thinking! Bindi’s success is her own, inspired by her dad but it is hers! She didn’t win DWTS because her dad, she was asked to be on the show because what she did and not what Steve did. Bindi just loves her dad so much that she uses his life lessons as her strength, not his death! Next time get the point straight