Amazing app helping people with disabilities get around the Gold Coast

An incredible new app developed by Griffith University is helping people with disabilities access venues, public transport and more on the Gold Coast.

The Access GC app, designed by Griffith’s School of Information and Communications Technology, features a variety of locations around the Gold Coast, including restaurants, hotels, parking, ramps, toilets and even wheelchair repair locations.

The easy to use location filter and map allows people to search for facilities that are disability-accessible and also includes common audible phrases that can be used by people with speech impairments.


Spearheaded by Dr Jolon Faichney from Griffith’s App Factory, students started work on the app in September 2017 and began developing it in December.

“The Access GC app is easy for people to use and it’s literally a tool that is at their fingertips,” Dr Faichney said.

“There are over a thousand key sites that people with disabilities can access to make life easier to get to where they’re going.”

The Access GC app was designed for people with a range of disabilities with the input of community organisation FSG Australia , who helped provide key listing data for the app.

“There has been no way for people with disabilities to easily access information about getting around on the Gold Coast, until now,” FSG advocate Adam Sheppard said.

“Access GC allows people to enjoy greater freedom and confidence simply by searching for a restaurant or hotel that is accessible for them and how they can get there.”

The Access GC app is available now to download on iPhone and Android devices.