Amazing art installation at Robina Town Centre

WALK through Robina Town Centre and you’ll find an incredibly unique art installation in progress.

Iconic Australian and internationally renowned street artist, Rone is creating a stunning mural, spanning a massive 90 metres wide and 8 metres high inside the shopping centre.

Rone’s original mural features fresh produce and large washes of vibrant, electric colours including aqua and coral.


“This mural is more energised and upbeat than some of my previous work in order to truly reflect the spirit of the Gold Coast community,” Rone explains.

PHOTO: Robina Town Centre

PHOTO: Robina Town Centre

“The colours are bright, vibrant and impulsive, representing the bold and colourful characters who live in the area, while the fresh botanicals, marked by the cherries and bananas, reflect local provenance.”

Robina Town Centre manager, Glen McAnulty, said the installation was a unique way the centre could use the space to benefit and inspire the local community.

“The installation is a subtle hint to the work that’s going on behind the scenes,” Mr McAnulty says. “Whilst we can’t yet reveal exactly what is being built behind the mural, we can say it is going to be a revolutionary culinary treat for locals and tourists alike.”

PHOTO: Robina Town Centre

PHOTO: Robina Town Centre


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